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Lucky 8's Hold'em

Lucky 8's Hold'em

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Robust Math

The math of Lucky 8's Hold'em has been verified by Michael Shackleford, the Wizard of Odds, and the BMM Testlabs. Its house edge is comparable to that of Ultimate Texas Hold'em, but our 20x, 5x, and 2x multipliers and Eights Fortune side bet offer players an elevated experience of fun and excitement

Thrilling Large Multiplied Payouts

Players only risk at most 3x the Ante on the Play, but the 20x, 5x, and 2x multipliers based on the number of 8’s available mean players could win up to 60x their Ante. By comparison, players have to risk 4x the Ante to win the same amount on the Play in Ultimate Texas Hold'em

Enhanced Table Atmosphere

When 8’s show up in the community cards, the 20x, 5x, 2x multipliers are available to all players, and the Eights Fortune side bet could produce multiple winners each round. The spectacle of all players cheering for 8’s as dealers flip over cards will create traffic flow and enhance the appeal of your gaming floor

Superb Adaptability

If you like Lucky 8's Hold'em, but are not fully ready yet, you can start with our Eights Fortune side bet. It is available in both fixed-pay and progressive formats, and can be installed separately on any existing Ultimate Texas Hold'em or Heads Up Hold'em table. Plus, the math stays valid for any key card other than 8

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Rules & Strategy

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"Lucky 8’s Hold’em takes the excitement of Ultimate Texas Hold‘em to a new level with multipliers based on the number of 8’s in the player's hand. Imagine the excitement if the eights appear on the board as all players will win more with two or more eights! I believe most players will appreciate the eights multiplier, but not perceive any take back in the other rules. The side bet should amplify the fun. This is one of the best new table game ideas I have seen lately."

- Michael Shackleford, The Wizard of Odds


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About Panda Gaming Labs

Who We Are

Lawrence Shen is the Founder & CEO of Panda Gaming Labs. Lawrence has been a PhD researcher, a formidable poker and blackjack player, and an executive in the gaming industry. Before Panda Gaming Labs, Lawrence was the Manager of Strategic Finance & Business Analysis at the largest gaming operator in the world.

Lawrence instilled a thrilling element from Asian culture into the popular western game of Hold'em to create Lucky 8's Hold'em. This innovation has received praises from casino experts, including the Wizard of Odds, Anthony Curtis, and Vegas Aces.


Besides Panda Gaming Labs, Lawrence also founded Advantage Partners Consulting to assist tribal and regional gaming operators in market research, feasibility studies, cash flow and EBITDA management, and M&A transactions. Lawrence is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), math and programming enthusiast, and avid traveler (43 US states, 50+ National Parks, and 400+ casinos). Lawrence speaks four languages and lives in Las Vegas with his wife and two kids.


"A diligent researcher of the gaming industry, a veteran player that has beaten every casino game, a corporate executive for the gaming giants, and a respected gaming consultant. Lawrence has done it all. I am a fan of whatever gaming related product Lawrence delivers."

- Michael Shackleford, the Wizard of Odds

"Lawrence possesses a potent assemblage of knowledge in multiple areas of the gaming industry. His ability to see the market from the view of both the operator and the player serves him well in the creation of compelling and competitive games and products."

- Anthony Curtis, Gaming Expert, CEO of Huntington Press, and Member of the Blackjack Hall of Fame

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Contact Us for More Info!

We are proudly located in Las Vegas, the gaming and entertainment capital of the world!


If you are interested in Lucky 8's Hold'em, please feel free to contact us for details, or ask for a in-person demo if you are in Las Vegas!


Thanks for your inquiry!

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